Our Team

Kathy Walmsley

Bachelor of Applied Science, in Occupational Therapy 1983

Graduate Certificate in Community Counselling 1993

DIR® Certificate 2006, Affiliated with Profectum Faculty and ICDL.

Kathy has a wide range of experience as an Occupational Therapist over more than 30 years. She has lived, worked, and traveled abroad extensively, spending 4 years in the USA where she gained experience and mentorship from leaders in the field of developmental disabilities such as Dr Serena Wieder, PhD. Co-founder of the DIR® approach with Dr Stanley Greenspan and other senior DIR training faculty. Kathy is the founder and owner of Sensory Connections and a director of the Learning Tree Therapy Centre since 2003.

Kathy has a great passion and expertise in assisting families of children with developmental disabilities to maximize their childs potential development using a relationship and play based developmental approach.

Kathy is involved in tutoring/supervision of other professional staff both within Australia and internationally. She is experienced in running both parent and professional training group programmes at an introductory and extended introductory level throughout Australia and internationally. Particular areas of interest include working with children with complex sensory processing dysfunction, parent coaching, and using small group therapy to enhance peer play development. Kathy lives with her husband Michael who is co director of Sensory Connections, and her two teenage sons. Kathy really loves to spend time with her head in a good book,or out in the garden and she is a keen traveller loving to visit both favourite as well as new places.

Kathys Facebook Page:(www.facebook.com/kwalmlseyscots)

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Sharon Campbell

Bachelor of Science, in Physiotherapy 2002

Master of Occupational Therapy 2007

Sharon is a physiotherapist, having graduated from Curtin University in 2002. She has also completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy in December 2007, and as such has two qualifications and is registered to practice as both an Occupational Therapist and as a Physiotherapist.

Sharon has worked in a variety of environments with children with developmental disabilities, including school and community based settings. She recently spent two years working as a volunteer in a Childrens Home in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where her role included supporting local staff in their care-giving duties, as well as direct work with children who had or were at risk of developing a disability. Sharon is really passionate about working with families of children who are experiencing developmental challenges. She began her work with the developmental relationship-based model when she was in Bosnia and has expanded on that experience in her work with families in their homes in Perth, having joined the Sensory Connections team in 2007.

Sharon has a broad range of skills from the combined areas of occupational therapy and physiotherapy, which she applies within a developmental relationship-based model in her work with families and children in both a home and clinical setting. She has trained in DIR/Floortime and receives weekly supervision and tutoring both individually as well as in a group setting. Sharon has assisted with a Floortime based intensive group program and has had extensive experience in facilitating Floortime Peer therapy groups. She is trained in Therapeutic Listening and is also an Interactive Metronome Trainer.

Outside of work Sharon enjoys the company of her partner, their young daughter born in 2012, her friends and extended family. She also enjoys traveling and learning about the varied and diverse ways of life that exist within our world.

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Yvonne Buters

Bachelor of Applied Science, in Occupational Therapy 1983

DIR® Level B 2005

Yvonne has over 30 years of experience as an Occupational therapist working in a wider range of clinical areas including neurology, home visiting, aged care and in her primary area of interest of paediatrics. She is an Interactive metronome trainer and Therapeutic Listening, and Listening program provider, and has experience working within the school system with school age children with developmental disabilities.

Yvonne attended the ICDL summer institute in the U.S.A. in 2005 and has 9 years experience with incorporating her occupational therapy expertise into a developmentally relationship based model having joined the Sensory Connections team during 2004. She receives regular mentorship and has a co facilitated with our parent training programmes. Yvonne's particular passion is working with children with developmental and learning disabilities, and using semi structured therapy techniques in addition to floor time to enhance development. Yvonne lives with her husband Guy and has three children who are now grown up! In her spare time Yvonne is a keen gardener and also loves to travel with her family and spend time with her large extended family.

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Sarah Timmel

Bachelor of Science, Speech Pathology 2009

DIR™ Intermediate provider

Sarah graduated from Curtin University, Western Australia. Sarah started working with Sensory Connections in July 2013 after moving back from interstate. Previously Sarah has worked for the Department of Education and Early Childhood development and then at Kids Connect Therapy in Melbourne Victoria where she began her training and great interest in DIR/Floortime. In 2011, Sarah completed the DIR® B Certification, DIR/Floortime program in Atlanta, Georgia ( USA) and in 2012 completed the second level of training and is now an Intermediate DIR/Floortime Provider. Sarah continues to strengthen her knowledge of DIR/Floortime through weekly mentoring, regular professional development courses, special interest groups and weekly tutoring. Sarah has experience in literacy and phonological awareness, classroom based management and funding applications, bilingualism, language and speech sound disorders, and her main passion - autism spectrum disorders. Sarah is driven to apply her skills in speech pathology within a developmental relationship-based model in her work with families and children in both a home and clinical setting. Her other keen interest is supporting children in peer interactions and has experience with Floortime Peer group programs.

Sarah also has experience in completing diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder as part of the diagnostic team for children with a wide range of presentations; she is a member of the Western Australian Autism Diagnosticians Forum and Autism WA. Outside of work Sarah enjoys eating, cooking, travelling and more eating and is loving living in sunny Perth close by family and friends.

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Melissa Da Graca Costa

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Naomi Yiftachel

Bachelor of Applied Science, in Speech Pathology 2006

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Stephanie Rakich

Bachelor of

Therapy Support Worker and Floortime Player

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Anne Nunn

Bachelor of Science, Speech Pathology

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