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The Action is in The Interaction DIR/Floortime Training (Syd 2 days) Aug, Stage 2 - Sydney

  • Format: 2 days of Stage 2-The Action Is in the Interaction training (open to Professionals and Parents)
  • Presenters: Kathy Walmsley (OT) and Mari Caulfield (SLP)

The Developmental Individual difference, & Relationship Based model (DIR) is a framework to assist clinicians, parents & educators conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop an intervention program tailored to the unique challenges and strengths of the child. DIR carefully considers the impact of the unique individual neurobiological profile of the child and of caregiver patterns on development across functional domains. Participants will be guided in a smaller group workshop.
This training offers a unique opportunity to further enhance and deepen knowledge and understanding of this integrated approach to the child’s sensory processing capacities, emotional development & developmental language acquisition. Participants will be guided through process based learning of assessment and therapeutic tools to guide their clinical practice.
This training has been designed in response to requests for extension of previous trainings. A prerequisite will be that participants have attended 2 or 3 day Introductory Sensory Connections training or an equivalent. Participants will be expected to be familiar with guidelines and framework used by Mari & Kathy previously.
In this stage two, seminar model case presentations will be used as well as assessment and intervention case clips. These two days provide extended opportunities for professionals in case analysis, goal setting, & how to integrate DIR within your discipline, clinical practice.

Attending this training will enable you to:
1. Extend your understanding application of the six primary functional emotional developmental levels in clinical practice,
2. Continue to build knowledge of the different impact of individual differences in sensory processing, language functioning, motor planning and sequencing by exploring cases with a range of profiles,
3. Clinically analyse how interactive relationships with caregivers can impact mastery of levels of functional emotional development,
4. Gain practice in translating the profile of the child and caregiver into a developmentally based intervention program with a range of individual case profiles,
5. Clinically apply floortime strategies and practices within discipline specific interventions focusing on child / caregiver/therapist interactions and working in small groups,

Click here to down load the - AI DIR Stage 1 Training Brochure.
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  • Date: 02 Aug 2017 - 03 Aug 2017
  • Cost: $650
  • Venue:
    RIDBC Renwick Centre
    361/365 North Rocks Road
    North Rocks
  • Notes: Located approximately 26km north-west of CBD, accessible via private and public transport.
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